CMSC 162: Intro to algorithm design II

Spring 2021

Prof. Blaheta

You have by now acquired some basic skills of programming and analysis, but the programs you’ve written have (of necessity) been small and the data uncomplicated. In this course you will continue to develop your programming skills, but more importantly, you will learn how to build layers of abstraction (and use abstractions that others have built) that will enable you to write and understand larger and more interesting programs and processes.

This class meets 1:10pm on MWF, in Rotunda 115 (and via Zoom), and 12:30pm on Thursdays (via Zoom).

See the Canvas site for info pertaining to the whole course, including announcements, or pertaining to individual students, like feedback and grades; see this site for info associated with specific days, including topics, readings, A/B designation, board photos, class videos, and links to programs written during class—all of it accessed via the "Calendar" tab above.