A point-by-point comparison of BlueJ and ProfessorJ

Links to: BlueJ; ProfessorJ

I will probably expand on most of these at some point. If you have any additions to this list, email me at dblaheta at knox.edu .

Note: this list is more or less free of value judgement; one man's flagship feature is another man's show-stopping bug. Some points may be completely irrelevant to you. I'm not interested in email asking me to remove items from the list (unless they're actually incorrect, of course).

BlueJ ProfessorJ
complex test suites (unit testing) easy-to-read test cases
classes all in separate files all classes in one file (usually)
dynamic, graphical class diagrams class diagrams are ASCII and static
object inspector interaction window la scheme
class template files wizards for making basic classes and union (abstract) classes
-- enforced language levels
bad editor worse editor
plugin architecture (extensions) language packs
on linux, win, mac on linux, win, mac, or in source form
older, less buggy in active development (fast bug fixes in CVS tree)
larger user community --
textbooks currently available --
test cases: run/record; configurable predicates test cases: text expressions; smart equality
popup windows to explain java error messages error messages tailored to beginners (cf "language levels")
Don Blaheta / blahetadp@blahedo.org