Advanced Computing Lab Acceptable Use Policy

  1. The Stevens ACL is for the use of faculty, computer science and math majors, and students engaged in activities sponsored by the computer science and mathematics department.

    Classes and lab sessions take priority over other uses of the lab.

  2. There is no expectation of privacy in this lab.

    Instructors can see every command you type and access or modify every file you save to our systems. It is sometimes necessary to access this information in order to keep the systems running properly, to investigate cheating, or to enforce lab policies. Please do not store anything you don’t want others to see on our systems.

  3. Use of the Internet in the lab is subject to the same restrictions as the rest of campus.

    This means the lab should not be used as a means of circumventing campus security policies, accessing inappropriate web sites, distributing malicious software, or attacking other systems (except as required in your classes).

  4. Do not power off, unplug, reboot, or modify the equipment.

    Do not disconnect systems from the network in order to connect a laptop (there are free Ethernet cables connected to each of the network switches, which you may use instead). You MAY reboot a system if it is completely frozen, but be sure it really is frozen – try connecting to it remotely from another system first.

  5. You are responsible for keeping your data secure.

    Make sure your files are adequately protected from copying and/or cheating by other students. Setting “711” permissions on your home directory is highly recommended.

  6. You are responsible for backing up your files.

    We take many precautions to prevent data loss in the lab and the filer takes regular snapshots of files stored in /home. However, no system is completely foolproof. If user error, a natural disaster, or some other unforeseen circumstance were to occur we could lose everything, so please make sure you have a separate copy of anything important. That includes the project you've been working on for months that took you hours to write and is due tomorrow.

  7. Accounts in the ACL expire at graduation and are locked when not in use.

    We will keep your account active each semester you are registered for an upper-level computer science class. We will generally lock accounts that aren't being used, but if you are otherwise eligible for ACL access and plan to use your account, let us know and we'll keep the account active. If you study abroad, take a semester off, or do not enroll in any CMSC classes for a term, we will usually lock your account but not delete your files. However, keep in mind rule 6.

Violation of any of these policies may result in immediate termination of your account. If warranted, other action (such as referral to the Honor or Judicial boards, campus police, or other authorities) may be taken. Please report system issues to marmorsteinrm (