CMSC 280: Programming in a second language: Python

Fall 2019

Prof. Blaheta

In other classes where you've gotten programming experience, the particular language (C++, mostly) was taught in service of some more primary conceptual understanding—of structured programming, of abstraction, or whatever. This course reverses that; here we primarily focus on learning a new language (in this case, Python), and although we may cover some concepts that are new to you, they will be in service of learning idiomatic Python, and building your ability to pick up additional new programming languages, as you'll have to do many times over the course of your career.

This class meets 2:00pm on MWF, in Stevens 118.

The textbook for this course is Punch and Enbody, The practice of computing using Python, 3e ISBN: 978-0-13-437976-0.

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