CMSC 210
Spring 2017
Tables Plus

Due: Wednesday, February 1
beginning of class

Assignment:   (worth 25 exercise points)      

  • For the editing of these files, you are expected to use a simple text editor, such as NotePad, Notepad++, vim, emacs, nano, or the like.  Software that uses GUI and WYSIWYG styles of creating web pages for you are disallowed at this time.   For EACH html file you create, be certain to:
  • have the proper html, head and body structure.
  • close all of your tags that need to be closed
  • put your name in a "comment" at the top of the file that includes the following information:
    • your name
    • the name of the editor you used to create the html code
    • an indication of any help you received in creating the page
  • include an appropriate title (in HTML terms)
  • check the file in at least two different browsers (e.g.   Firefox and Chrome)


0)  Create a folder called TablesPlus.

1)  INSIDE this folder, you are to create 4 html files.  Each file should have a relevant title,  your name in a comment  and should be as follows:

  • File # 1:  named "pics.html" on disk.  This file should contain at least two pictures, of your choosing.   One picture needs to be brought in from a website.  The other needs to be an image in this TablesPlus directory.   (Feel free to download one as useful.)    Be sure to attribute the source of your pictures on the page.   Feel free to add any additional text you wish.  
    • Below the pictures should be a horizontal rule (look it up).
    • Below the horizontal rule should be the following text.   Note the bolds, underlines, italics, and line breaks.
This page was created for a homework assignment
in the Spring
semester of 2017
at Longwood University.
    • Have the words "Longwood University" be a clickable hyperlink to the main Longwood web site.
  • File #2:  named "books.html".   This file should contain a table with a border, and three  rows and two columns.   Each row should have an author's name in the first column, and an unordered list (in HTML terms) of at least two of their books in the second column.
    Extra Credit options:  
    • Include more authors in your list, by adding rows to your table.   
    • Give a summary of each book in a nested list item.
  • File # 3:   named "misc.html".  This file should contain a table with 3 rows and 3 columns (border is up to you):
    • Row 1, Column 1:  a blue cell with the name "Huey"
    • Row 1, Column 2:  a white cell with the name "Dewey"
    • Row 1, Column 3:  a red cell with the name "Louie"
    • Row 2, Column 1&2:  the name of your favorite television show, centered, in a two column box
    • Row 2&3, Column 3:  the name of your favorite singer aligned vertically in the middle (ie, half-way between top and bottom) of the box taking up two rows.  The box should be colored something other than blue, white, or red.
    • Row 3, Column 1:  Your favorite ice cream flavor.  (background color of your choice)
    • Row 3, Column 2:  a list of your favorite pizza toppings. (background color of your choice)
  • File #4:  named "index.html" on disk.    This page should contain links to the other three pages, with format and presentation of those links up to you.   You can also have whatever else you wish on this page.


2)  Looking at code.
  • In your browser, find the option to look at the page source for this website.   Understand everything that is in there.  Questions?  Look them up, or come ask.    
  • Go look at the page source for the main course page.   Understand everything that is in there.  Questions?  Look them up, or come ask.  
  • NOTE:  I make no claims that this code is GOOD code, but you should be able to understand 90% of it at this point.


Publish your folder to your account.    I will be looking at the following URL:   (replacing youruserid as appropriate)