CMSC 210
Spring 2017
Getting your Account ready

Due: Monday, January 23
beginning of class


Preparing to interact with the Longwood cs server.

Software.   You will need software that can securely connect to the server for command line interactions and also file copying.

Windows Download the software Putty  and WinSCP
Linux You should already have ssh and sftp available to you.
MaxOSX ssh and sftp installed.
If you want a graphical interface, you may wish to consider getting Transmit, CyberDuck, or some other software.

Create the necessary folder for the web.
  • Connect to  the machine
    • How?    
      • For Windows, open PuTTY and use as the Host Name.
      • For Linux and Mac, at the command line, type:   ssh
    • Log in with your username and  password.
  • At the command prompt, type  ls   (this lists the contents in your directory).
  • If you see public_html  in the listing, you are done.
  • If you do not, you need to type    mkdir  public_html
  • Type   chmod  755 public_html

If you have not dealt with remote connections to the server before, you may wish to look up some references.     One page is linked here:
Directory Navigation Help