CMSC 210
Spring 2017
Creating PhP   lab
Due: end of class 

Assignment:   (worth 7 exercise points)     

 Get the file:  FormForPhPHomework.html    The form in this file calls upon a script.  Modify the action to have YOUR userid in the URL.

When the form is submitted, the results should be a webpage of the following format:  

HTML title:
  •  "Result from form".
  • background color of yellow if they chose Easter.
  • background color of light blue if they chose NCAA basketball.
  • background color of white if they chose neither.
  • A table of one row and two columns.
  • Left column refers to the user by name and has a message to them.  EG.  "Hope your bracket did well,  Jane."     or     "Happy Easter, Joe."   or  "Do you not like either of them, Mary?"
    • If they did not enter a name, you should mention this in your message.  (exactly how is up to you)
  • Right column contains a picture related to what they chose.  (EG an  Easter egg, or a basketball or something random if they chose neither) 


Nothing to "hand in".  Just make sure your .php file is in the right place on the server.
To grade, I will go into the FormForPhPHomework.html file and put in YOUR userid.