Using Karel J Robot in Eclipse in CMSC 280

(also applicable to other "pre-made" projects)

Here is an outline of the steps to take when faced with a new program or assignment and you are given a zip file to start with.  (Later in the course, you will be asked to start from scratch, but we will go over those steps then.)

1)  Download the zip file you are given on the website.

2)  Double-click the zip file.    This should then show you the contents of the file.  (as in the Eclipse installation)

3)  Drag this folder into your "Workspace" folder (you may have called it something else).
(You may now delete the zip file if you wish.)

4)  Open Eclipse  (if you have not already done so).

5)  Load the project.....

  • Under the "File" menu,
  • Choose "New ---> "   and then "Java Project"

  • You should now see:
  • In the box at the top labeled"Project name:", type in the name of the folder you dragged into the workspace.

Once Eclipse recognizes the folder, the rest of the window should change (some things become gray and some things that were gray become active):


Click "Finish.
The project should now appear in the left hand pane.