Installing Eclipse and Getting Started.
(instructions from 2015, but still useful in 2017)

If done right, the instructions on this handout should only need to be done once. 

What are we doing?
The Eclipse software is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that we will be using to develop computer programs through the course of the semester.  It allows many different languages, although we will be using the language Java.

Eclipse is a professional-strength environment - ie, many software professionals use this in their daily lives.   Thus, it has hundreds of capabilities that we will not be exploring.    At first, we will be seeing its abilities of color coding for different concepts, early error-checking and warning messages, and simple management of multiple assignments.

Installing the software.

From the website, you should have downloaded a zip file.  

Open the Zip file and drag the "eclipse" folder to your desktop (or a folder if you prefer)

Note:  You may delete the original zip file at this point if you wish.


1)  Create a Workspace folder.   
You will need to create a folder to store your work in.  Eclipse will call this your "workspace".    Thus, create a folder in the userdata section of your computer.   Eclipse automatically assumes that you will call it "workspace.  However, you may name the folder anything you wish, but you might call it CMSC280Workspace or the like.   (It will be easier if you do not put spaces or punctuation in the name of the folder.)

2)  Open Eclipse.
Optional:  you may wish to create a shortcut to the eclipse application on your desktop.

3)  Choose workspace.

In the window that comes up, you are asked to choose the folder you are using for your workspace.  It assumes you named it "workspace".  If you named it something else, you will need to choose "Browse..." and find that folder.

Click "OK".

(You may choose to check the "Use this as the default..." box  but it is not necessary.)
Choose Workspace

4)  A welcome screen should appear.     In the upper left corner, choose the X near the word "Welcome".   Eclipse Welcome

5)  You should then see something like this. EclipseLook

You have now installed Eclipse and gotten it ready for use in this course.