CMSC 280
Fall 2017
Beeper Rw In Rooms
Due:  end of lab if possible

Assignment: (worth 5 exercise points)

Get file.   (If you see a folder called MAC__OS_X or the like, you can ignore it.)  Use the files in this folder as your basis for this assignment.

Look at the worlds: room1.txt, room2.txt, room3,txt, and room4.txt.   A general description of these is as follows:
  • there is a rectangular "room", with four walls.  There is no escape.
  • the top row (northernmost street) of this room has a beeper at each intersection.
  • the intersection of street 1 and avenue 1 is the lower left corner of this room.  (ie, putting the robot at (1,1) will always have it start out in the room).

What you do not know about the rooms:
  • how wide they are.
  • how tall they are.

Your task:   complete the program such that a robot picks up all beepers on the top row (northernmost street), and move them to the bottom row (southernmost street).     When the program is done running, there should be a beeper on every intersection in the bottom row of the room, and none anywhere else.   The robot should end in the upper left corner of the room.

  • Your program should not have any error shutoffs when run on any of these 4 worlds, OR any world that matches the description given above.
  • Intersection 1, 1 is the ONLY place you can be certain is in the room, so you must start your robot off there.
  • Only 4 points are available if you do not create a new class of robot to help you with your task, using new instructions/methods where appropriate.
  • Do not forget to put in documentation (comments) as appropriate. 
  • If your robot has an error shutoff, it will be considered a serious problem with the program.


  • Go to your Workspace folder.  
  • Create a Zip file of the folder containing your work.
  • Submit that file to Canvas