CMSC 280
Fall 2017
Due:  Tue, August 29

Relevant Reading:

Chapters 1 and 2 of the KarelJRobot book.

  • Note that in some early versions of the book, in Chapter 2, there are several places where the street or avenue are off by one. For instance, on page 11, the Initial Situation in Figure 2.3 shows the robot on street 2, while the text below says it should be on street 1.
  • Also, we will be using Robot rather than UrRobot.

Assignment: (worth 5 exercise points)

 NOTE: If you have done this program for another course in the past or this course, you must re-do this homework, you are not permitted to hand in your previous code.

Get file. Use the files in this folder as your basis for this assignment.

Consider the world "clear.txt", in which there are no extraneous beepers or walls.

Write a program that has the robot write out your first initial in this world, using beepers. The letter should be at least 5 beepers high and 4 beepers wide.

  • The program should have no Error Shutoffs, but the robot should be turned off at the end of the program.
  • Remember that you are permitted to talk with others regarding how the program works. However, you need to do the actual work yourself and understand the answer that you produce.
  • Put your name in the comment at the top of the file. Also, put in the top of the file a note saying what the most difficult part of this homework was.


  • Go to your Workspace folder.  
  • Create a Zip file of the folder containing your work.
  • Submit that file to Canvas