CMSC 280
Fall 2017
Due:   Fri, Sept 1

Relevant Reading:

Chapter 3 of the KarelJRobot book.

Assignment: (worth 5 exercise points)

Get Use the files in this folder as your basis for this assignment.

Run the program as is to see the world.    The scenario is that there is a series of candles that must be lit (by placing a beeper on top of it).     The beeper comes from the spot at the bottom to the left of the candle.

Create a class of Candle-Lighting robots.   The Application file should instruct such a robot to go light all of the candles.    After lighting a candle, the robot should go to the bottom of the right hand side of the candle.    You are welcome to use the TurningRobot I wrote if you wish.  Also, it is up to you whether you wish to use one robot or multiple robots (although I recommend using only one robot).

  • Think through how you will approach the problem rather than just blindly starting to type code. Plan out what you will do and then fill in the details on the computer.
  • Be sure to keep the main program (Application) short and readable.
  • Each new method you create should be relatively short.  (If it is more than 10 or 11 lines, you should probably break it down to make it more readable).
  • As usual, there should be no error shutoffs.
  • Be sure to put a comment at the top of each file with your name and a description.
  • A brief comment at the top of each new method should be added as well.
  • Be sure every robot is turned off at the end.

Sample end picture:
candles after


  • Go to your Workspace folder.  
  • Create a Zip file of the folder containing your work.
  • Submit that file to Canvas