CMSC 121-01
Fall 2017
History assignment (first one)
Due:  Wed, August 22
beginning of class


NOTE:   You are only expected to watch the first 12 minutes of this video.   The links may not stop the video at the end of the required segment, so pay attention.   You are only required to watch the first 12 minutes.

For this assignment, you will be introduced to a video from the History Channel, entitled "Creation of the Computer" from 1995.  A website regarding it is at:

For part of this assignment, you will watch two portions of the video and turn in answers to some questions.

1)   Watch the first 4 minutes of the video    This portion of the video describes some "modern" attributes of computers (as of 1995).
  • List two "facts" presented about modern computers that you know are no longer true, or you wonder if they are still true.

2)   Continue watching the first 12 minutes of the video.    The next portion of the video talks about Charles Babbage and Ada, Countess of Lovelace.
  • List:
      • 5 historical facts you learned from watching this video.
      • 5 things you found interesting in this video.

    3)   (unrelated to this video)  One of the founders of computer science, Herbert Simon, was mentioned in class.  
    • State what he won a Nobel Prize for (not just which field, but what he did that warranted receipt of the prize).     Less than 20 words can suffice.


    Your answers to the above, on paper, at the beginning of class.