Discovered child pornography

Part 1:

Joe Green, a system administrator for a large corporation, is installing a new software package on the PC used by employee Chuck Dennis. The company has not authorized Joe to read other people's emails, blogs, or personal files. However, in the course of installing the software, he sees some files with suspicious-looking names. He opens a few of the files and discovers they contain child pornography. Joe believes possessing such images is against federal law.

Adapted from Quinn, Ethics for the information age 6e, ยง9.5.2

Part 2:

Joe decides to confront Chuck. Chuck says that the photographs were taken in a country with a lower age of consent; and accuses Joe of snooping through private files. Joe says that clicking on the directory and opening it were purely accidental, although this was not the case. When Chuck says he'll delete the files (and does so), Joe considers that the files would remain on the backup drives for some time, until newer backups are made.