Case study presentation schedule

Preparation: Presentations are on the given date. Prior to the date, everyone reads all the sections (if a section is >1 page you can skim). Those presenting read their whole section (even if longer than a page) and also finds some outside sources to tell us about the issue; with your partner you'll identify one or more relevant specific case (hence "case study") that isn't in the reading, to tell us about. To prepare for the presentation, you'll identify the stakeholders (people affected) in your case(s), and the particular choice or action that was made (or that could have been made) that you want to analyse, and you'll talk to your partner about the five "workable" ethical theories and what an analysis under each might look like. You can in general flip a little forward or backward in the book from your assigned section to find other similar issues, including some where the book has performed the kind of ethical analysis you'll need to do here.

Content: We've all read the section, so a quick summary is fine (to remind us) but shouldn't take up much time. Some readings include a specific incident, but all presentations should include at least one relevant specific case (hence "case study") to tell us about, that isn't in the reading. Some personal experience is fine, but it should not dominate the presentation or be the primary case discussed. Probably no video unless it's extremely important to the case (and also very short), but pictures are good. The presentation should spend significant time on ethical analysis of the choices or actions, and should explicitly reference ethical theories to support your arguments (you don't need to do all five each time, but should do more than one).

Logistics: Each presentation should be about twenty minutes (plus a couple minutes for questions and feedback). The division doesn't have to be exactly 50% but both people should speak. Visual aids (e.g. slides) are permitted but not required; if you will have any technical needs you should talk to me before the class to double-check and/or transfer files or whatever. Your last slide (if you do slides) or a separate piece of paper should list the sources you used for anything you present as fact. (Wikipedia is a great place to learn about stuff and you're welcome to use it and similar sites, but it should not be the source of record for any citable facts.)

Tue 19 Sep (3)

Thu 21 Sep (2)

Thu 28 Sep (3)

Tue 3 Oct (2)