CMSC 381 -- Lab 3

Lab 3

Getting Started

Log onto a computer science server making sure to change the port number.

Follow these instructions to get your files ready to start lab.
  • Use wget to download the file at
  • Uncompress the glum.tgz file by using tar -xvzf glum.tgz

The Problem

We have been exploring OpenGL, 2d graphics, and animation.
  1. boids (youtube)(paper)
  2. steering behaviors (paper)


You have been given a directory of source code dealing with sdl and OpenGL, it is named glum.

  • READ the source code. (Where are things located? Ask questions when you don't know)
  • You will be working in main.cpp and need to build a boid structure.
  • You need a "player" boid, controlled by the user
  • You need a "hunter" boid with a field of vision, if the "player" enters the field of vision the "hunter" should seek it
  • Add some features... textures, direction of fov, timers, coins, exit, particles, explosives...
  • Please ask questions!


If you have changed file names or directory names you will need to change to the directory which contains the directory you wish to hand in. We will use the handin cmsc381 assignment directory command. In this case you will type: handin cmsc381 lab3 your_directory_name

You lab is due at 11:59pm Mar. 26th 2019.