CMSC 381: Intro to graphics programming

Spring 2017

Prof. Blaheta

Computers have been creating graphics since at least the 1960s, but in the last few decades an exponential increase in computing power has meant that computer graphics are now capable of incredibly high-definition photorealistic graphical output at high speeds---which in turn means that we all now see computer-generated images and video on a daily basis. Games, movies, print media, and most professional websites are all but guaranteed to make use of some sort of generated graphics.

In this course, we'll write programs to create graphics and better understand some of the math and theory that makes them work.

This class meets 2:00pm on MWF in Ruffner 352.

The textbook is Edward Angel and Dave Shreiner, Interactive computer graphics: a top-down approach with WebGL, 7e (ISBN 978-0-13-357484-5).

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