CMSC 360 -- Project 1

Project 1


We have been studying the first two layers of the TCP/IP network stack: the physical layer and the data link layer. We have learned that data can be sent across many different kinds of communication channels, we will explore one of the oldest communication channels.

The project

You are to design a protocol for sending data down Wheeler Mall. You will use a visual communication channel. (so no megaphones allowed and no whiteboards) Your protocol must not violate any university rules. (so smoke signals are probably out) You are not restricted to sending bits but you should be able to send any arbitrary binary data. Your protocol must handle error detection. How will you handle data recognition and the clock?

You are encouraged to research similar protocols but you must cite any sources.

You will work with a partner.

The goods

You will be graded on the following things:
  1. A pdf document outlining your communication protocol. This document will be used by your classmates to test your protocol.
  2. An analysis of the maximum bits per second for your protocol. How does this relate to Nyquist and Shannon?


You need to turn in your lab by using handin script on the CS servers. handin cmsc360 lab1 yourdirectoryname

The lab is due at 11:59pm Sept. 12th 2019.