Lab 4

Getting Started

There is some started code located on the 242 website

The Problem

Understanding and reading code is a learned skill. I have given you a working (hopefully) program. It contains no comments or documentation. Your task is to write comments for the program (Excluding Noise.h). You should document every system function call, every function, every loop, and every struct. Your comments should be short but demonstrate your knowledge of the program.

I STRONGLY encourage you to look this over this week, esp. if you are struggling with lab 3.


The easiest path to getting the most points might be:

  1. You may want to make a hard copy of the source files using a printer
  2. Read through each file (don't look anything up just scan through them)
  3. Write out (by hand) each system function you don't know
  4. Write out (by hand) the purpose of each function
  5. Write out (by hand) the meaning of the data stored in each struct
  6. Look up any things you are unsure on
  7. Organize your thoughts and type them in as comments

This is not your friend’s work. This is not the internet’s work. This is your work...


Submit your code using the handin script, handin cmsc242 lab4 your_directory_name.
You will need to be in the directory which contains your_directory_name.

The lab is due at 11:59pm Apr. 13th 2020.