CMSC 140: Introduction to programming

Fall 2020

Prof. Blaheta

In the last decade, we have seen huge increases in the computational thinking required in a wide variety of disciplines; across the natural and social sciences, the arts, and even in the humanities, researchers and practitioners are finding that they have data, they need to process it, and no completely off-the-shelf solution will do. They need to write a program to solve a problem. In this course, we will introduce the concepts and ways of thinking required to write straightforward programs to process a variety of kinds of data.

This class meets on MWF at 1:10pm (Section 1, in Rotunda 115) and 2:15pm (Section 2, in 354).

See the Canvas site for primary info about the course, including announcements, discussions, and assignments. At least for now, this site is just an archive for the links to video, files, and board photos from each day of class (click "Calendar" to access that).